Corporate governance

Friends & Patrons of the SNFCC (F&P of the SNFCC) employ a limited number of highly trained individuals that their main objective is to develop & implement programs (in cooperation with SNFCC S.A., GNO and NLG), to maintain existing members and sponsors and attract new ones, while they are also upholded by External Collaborators.  In addition, F&P of the SNFCC is supported by volunteers especially for the implementation of specific projects.

The Greek Organization will be managed by a Board of Directors, while the German Organization will be supported by an Advisory Committee consisting of outstanding personalities who share the same vision and are willing to commit for the managerial and financial support of the Organization.

F&P of the SNFCC are financed by donations, membership fees and sponsorships. The voluntary contribution of users/visitors (in terms of entry fee or ticket) might be requested in the future for selective projects in order to be self-financed and increase the Organization’s overall resources.



  • Anna Pouskouri-Reiche
    Founder - CEO
  • Angie Skiadaressi
    Project Manager
  • Spilios Petzas
    Office Manager

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