Program: “Olive Harvest” at the Stavros Niarchos Park

credits: F&P SNFCC

If there was a symbol of sustainability, it should be the olive tree.

It is an essential part of the cultural environment in Greece and has always represented the most important ingredient for Health and Beauty of its people. The olive tree has been at the center of economic and social development for many regions.

The idea is to make an open call to young people (such as high school students from neighboring areas to the SNFCC) to take part in the harvest of the olive trees of SN Park, assist in the production of olive oil and taste the final product. Through this activity, young participants will observe an age-old tradition of the country, gain insights into the concept of sustainability, understand what it means to properly treat the environment and its resources, and get a “taste” of how one of the most popular products arrives at their table.

The information, guidance and preparation of the students will be undertaken by experts, in collaboration with educational and scientific institutions. (American Farm School in Thessaloniki)

Initially, the program will be launched on a small scale (few olive trees and a small group of students) in order to test its implementation and improve the process.

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