Program: “One for One reloaded”

credits: F&P SNFCC

The “One For One” program, developed in cooperation with the Greek National Opera (GNO), originally aimed to create opportunities and incentives  for young people to have access to GNO events at a subsidized cost.

Due to the current conditions all live GNO events have been suspended. However, GNO initiated the “GNO TV”, a new online platform where all its new Opera productions will be available to the public through the purchase of an “e-ticket”.

The “One for One – Reloaded” program is designed to emulate the benefits of the original program, while expanding it to youths and elderly people, alike. We are offering the opportunity to those people to access these GNO productions, with the F&P arranging for the coverage of the relevant cost.

As a result young people can be introduced to the “magic” of the classical arts and “attend” shows they would not have otherwise done so. At the same time, elderly people who love the opera, but can no longer attend it due to either their age or the pandemic, can re-acquaint themselves with top notch productions.

This program can be tailored to any audience to cater to its needs, interests, or educational needs.

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