“One for One”: 2€ price tickets for kids and youngsters for Greek National Opera shows | ΝEW SEASON 2019/20

credits: Andreas Simopoulos

credits: Andreas Simopoulos

The “One For One” program, designed by the Friends and Patrons of SNFCC (F&P of SNFCC) and developed in cooperation with the Greek National Opera (GNO), aims to create opportunities and incentives in order for young people to have access to GNO events at a very low cost.

More specifically, with the purchase of one ticket for certain shows of the Greek National Opera, participants can purchase a second ticket at the price of €2, for kids and youngsters aged 6 to 18 years. The program will apply GNO performances aimed at adults, so that young people can be introduced to the “magic” of the Lyrical Theater and attend shows they would not have otherwise chosen.

The “One for One” program will run for a second straight season by F&P of SNFCC in cooperation with the GNO, and will apply to the following productions:

The program will be valid for tickets in Zones 4 (Purple), 5 (Orange) and 6 (Pink).

Interested parties can purchase their tickets from the GNO counter or over the phone with the use of their credit card.

There will be limited availability of tickets and the offer will be valid while there is still availability.

“One for one” program offers the opportunity to a younger audience to attend GNO shows at a very low cost. Being aware of the financial struggle of the Greek families to attend similar events, “One for One” offers the possibility to youngsters to access important GNO productions and placing GNO at the top of their entertainment choices.

The program is designed and implemented by F&P of the SNFCC,
with the kind support of:

Alpha Bulkers Shipmanagement Inc.




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